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Osaka Prefectural Kozu High School ~A traditional school which has a liberal, metropolitan atmosphere~

Kozu High School is based on a spirit of ‘liberty and creativity’ and by raising the following educational goals and policies; we are working on educational activities to create social leaders who are capable of guiding future generations.

Educational Goals

A high level of Intelligence A fresh sensitivity A rich sense of humanity

Educational Policies

  1. Through substantial subject guidance and detailed academic counseling, we aim to improve each student’s academic achievements so they are able to be accepted to elite universities.
  2. Through all activities at school, we aim to not only foster students’ ability to recognize a standard code of conduct and their role to fulfill, but to also equip them with the ability to both discover and solve problems by themselves.
  3. We aim to give students a broad education so as to lead the next generation with overwhelming intellectual curiosity and inquiring minds.

Kozu Prefectural High School’s merits/features